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weCreate is the leading TikTok and Vertical Video Agency in Germany and Austria. Our work is driven by passion, creativity, market insights and a fondness for data. This enables us to ideally support our clients – whether that may be for Creator Marketing, Content Creation, Strategy or Campaigns.

All of our artists initially gained their community through TikTok, which makes them the perfect partner for building a Gen Z brand. And more importantly, each of them has their own unique history and stands for sustainability and values.

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Our search engine finds up to 7 million Instagram and TikTok Creators and delivers the best individual audience reports and quality analyzes. Intelligent campaign tracking keeps track of links and hashtags in stories and posts and provides feedback on performance.

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We are convinced that brands can only provide their social media channels with enough relevant content by building creator communities. We do not think in short term campaigns, but in finding suitable long term brand ambassadors and creating sustainable and relevant content formats for the target group.

The advertising sensitivity of Gen Z is increasing, the future lies in adding real value and content that is interesting for the target group. This is only possible if give enough freedom to creators.


Social Media Bibles and Reports

Our free social media bibles and TikTok data reports have been downloaded thousands of times.


Facebook Bible (English)


Report June 2020 (German)
Report May 2020 (German)

With reach come responsibility. This is why we regularly campaign for important non-commercial topics.



Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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